Sisters Kicked Off Allegiant Air Flight, Miss Final Goodbye to Dying Dad

Allegiant Airlines
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This is one of the most awful reasons I’ve ever heard of passengers being kicked off of a plane for.

A couple of sisters were on a flight with Allegiant Air. They were flying from Asheville, North Carolina to Sanford, Florida to see their father who was in hospice care.

While the plane was waiting to take off, one of the sisters, Trisha Baker received a “text message that their father only had hours to live,” according to

Baker says that she didn’t know if her sister, Debbie Hartman had received the same message so she got up to go back and let her know the situation. Once she got up, a flight attendant got in the way, telling Baker that she needed to sit down.

Bakers claims that she asked if she could just sit in the back and explained the situation. She wanted to console her sister since they just got news that their Dad was dying. Her sister, Hartman started having a panic attack and that’s when things heated up.

Baker then had words with the flight attendant for not being compassionate. Soon after, the flight attendant called the captain and the plane turned around! Airport security then had them removed from the flight.

According to one passenger complained about the situation and posted her reaction on YouTube… “That was the most inhumane, deplorable thing I’ve ever seen any human being do“.

Sadly, their father died soon after. The sisters want Allegiant Air to be held accountable for not getting to say a final goodbye to their dad.

The airline released a statement that they are currently investigating the situation.

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2 thoughts on “Sisters Kicked Off Allegiant Air Flight, Miss Final Goodbye to Dying Dad

  1. Fred- You bring up a lot of valid points and questions. I assumed the sister at the front had a Giant Seat or Legroom+. I don’t disagree that she shouldn’t have gotten up but due to the circumstances, I do not blame her and the FA could’ve been a bit more understanding.

  2. The article states the plane returned to the gate, which means the cabin door is closed. How did the passenger receive the text message? The cell phone is supposed to be off. And if the plane was indeed moving, why does the passenger feel she is so special that she should be allowed to get up? How would she console her sister? Where would she sit? If there was an empty seat then why wasn’t she already sitting next to her sister?

    Listen people. You are not special. You cannot do anything you want, be anything you want, regardless of what your parents told you.

    I am with the airline on this one.

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