A Visit to the Costa Rica Crocodile Bridge!

costa ricaAfter arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica late at night, we set out early for the main destination we’d be visiting during our trip- Manuel Antonio.

We had a couple of hiccups before we even left San Jose:

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After those two issues, the trip went really well!

The drive from San Jose to Quepos (the town close to Manuel Antonio) should take around 2.5 hours. (With traffic and a quick stop, it took us around 4.)

Along the way, there was one stop we planned to make a little over an hour away. We had to check out the Costa Rica crocodile bridge!

When you approach the short bridge over the Rio Tarcoles, traffic will slow due to people walking on the narrow paths to the side of the road. Although my GPS didn’t tell us we had arrived, it was apparent that we needed to park.

We left our car in a lot so we could walk to the middle of the Tarcoles Bridge to see…

costa rica

The star attraction is (like the title above mentions), the huge crocodiles!

costa rica

As we squeezed past other visitors at this interesting destinations, we spotted lots of crocs right below the bridge.

costa rica

I snapped a bunch of photos and then we waited for traffic to slow so we could check out the other side.

costa rica

Once again, more crocs were on display! This was one of the odder places that we ever made a special stop to view wildlife!

costa rica

The crocodiles of the  Tarcoles Bridge were also the first of many animals/ wildlife we’d get to see during our trip to Costa Rica!

This was definitely a fun way to start off our visit.

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