Spirit Flight Attendant Announces Support for Women’s March During Flight

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Today there’s a Woman’s March on Washington. Crowds are expected to be huge, numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Many people clearly support this show of woman’s rights including a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines.

When a Spirit Airlines flight arrived in Baltimore, a flight attendant “offered a show of solidarity for passengers headed to the march,” according to Mashable. A video of what took place was then shared on Twitter by user @FlorBlake.

Here’s what the flight attendant said according to the article:

You guys are going to the Women’s March, right? Let’s get a round of applause for all the nasty women on board,” she said. “Stay safe, stay hydrated, have a good time, watch out for your fellow sisters. Just remember, we don’t take no ‘ish’ from no man“.

Mashable also mentioned how a similar show of support was displayed during a Southwest flight on Thursday when pink cabin lights were turned on for a plane full of women.

It’s nice to see these kinds of support shown for important issues but I just wonder if politics belong on the confined spaces of an airplane? I personally have no problem with it. How do you feel?

Find out more from Mashable here.

11 thoughts on “Spirit Flight Attendant Announces Support for Women’s March During Flight

  1. Bryan- LOL

    ss- Definitely a good point. The country needs to come together and give the new president a chance the same way it would be expected if Clinton won.

    Mike- Regardless of opinion, Trump is the president and did earn a shot to show what he can do.

    Mike L- I definitely hear that. I’m curious to hear Spirit’s opinion on this and if it is allowed for FAs to bring politics on board.

    Sara- You are totally right.

    Chris- Definitely a fair point.

    User Name- Right. I have no problem with her making the announcement but would we want to be forced to hear her message on other issues? So in the end, I’d vote to leave politics out.

    Liz- Thanks for sharing your feedback.

    DaninMCI- Definitely a good point. I’d like to hear the airline’s official stance in allowing employees to share their opinions in this manner…

    Kevin- Seems to be the majority opinion here.

  2. It worked I know think less of Spirit and Southwest. For those that think this is awesome just think if it was the other way around and the airlines did this for people flying into DC to support Trump. People would think less of them just like I currently do.

  3. I get that there’s an argument that openly supporting in this way has drawbacks from a business perspective, but ultimately there are times when you just have to do what is right, regardless of the possible consequences. I therefore applaud the behavior of the flight attendants in the story. They should feel proud for standing up for the rights and dignity of women.

  4. Companies need to avoid getting into politics as you inevitably alienate half of your client base. Those supporting this, would you have the same position if Spirit came out and supported Trump, pro life or only traditional marriage? (Trump BTW is the most progressive incoming President ever on the later)

  5. I would have been quite upset if I had been on that flight. Remember, 1/2 the country is not on board with the marches, but they could have been on board that flight.

  6. Highly inappropriate to bring politics into it, unless it was a chartered flight with just that group on board.

  7. Sorry, as a female I just don’t get this whole thing. Everybody needs to keep their panties on and calm down. Time will tell.

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