Woman Gives Birth on Southwest Airlines Flight, Plane Diverted

southwest airlinesIn late 2015 I wrote about a woman giving birth in an Uber car. Earlier in the year I wrote about a woman giving birth on a plane while not even knowing that she was pregnant! Talk about a major surprise…

Over the weekend a Southwest Airlines flight had to be diverted when a woman went into labor, giving birth on board.

The flight left Philadelphia and was supposed to fly to Orlando, Florida on Sunday, December 4.  Luckily there were medical personnel on the flight that helped deliver the baby.

The plane was diverted to Charleston, South Carolina. Upon landing, the plane was met by EMTs who took the baby and parents to a hospital in the area.

Southwest Flight 556 had 132 passengers continue on to its intended destination.

NBC 10 Philadelphia shared a video, which was posted to Twitter where you can hear the baby crying.

I don’t know about you, but I think a flight diverted due to a baby being born onboard is pretty cool and a great story to tell! It sure beats a plane being diverted due to a man peeing on another passenger, flight attendants fighting, a 9/11 rant or one of the many other crazy reasons this has happened over the years.

Find out more from NBC Philadelphia here.

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