Wings of Lebanon Plane Lands in Israel, Banned from Entering Lebanon

wings of lebanon
image: wikimedia commons

In May 2015 a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane was serviced in Israel. Due to this, the contract was cancelled with the holding company.

A similar situation recently took place involving a Turkish plane leased by the company Wings of Lebanon.

Fox News reports that the “Lebanon-leased jet lands in hot water after Israel flight“.

Due to the plane (a Boeing 737-800 leased until December) landing in Israel, Turkey’s Tailwind was asked to take the Lebanese company’s slogan off of the plane.

There seems to some confusion as to why the plane ended up in Israel. Wings of Lebanon claims that the plane was sent back to Turkey for maintenance but the reason it ended up in Israel is not known. (The plane wasn’t even in Israel for a day. It landed and departed from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday.)

The plane is now banned from landing in Beirut in the future.

So why is Lebanon banning the leased plane from coming back into the country? Fox points out that “Lebanon and Israel have been in a formal state of war since Israel was created in 1948“.


Find out more from Fox News here.

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