Trip Report: 7 Hours in Boston

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On Wednesday, August 24 I headed to Boston with my brother to fulfill the terms of a promotion to earn 75,000 JetBlue Points.

The cost for the flight was a very reasonable $96.20 to fly roundtrip from Newark Airport. When booking the flight, there was an important decision to make- do we fly directly back and forth or spend some time in the area?

If hotels were cheaper, we may have just spent a night there but we decided to spend 7 hours in Boston.

Our 7 hours in Boston were probably closer to 5. Once the plane landed, we still had to get out of the airport as well as also get back an hour before our flight home. So what does one do during a quick visit to a great city?

This is my third of fourth time to the city so we didn’t walk the Freedom Trail or do a tour of Fenway Park. We decided to spend the day trying out some Boston eats as well as seeing the city in a fun way!

Here is a recap of our day, I mean 7 hours in Boston.

Santarpio’s Italian Cheese Pizza

I’m a huge pizza fan and I heard about Santarpio’s Pizza a few years back. The pizzeria has been around since 1903 making it a true Bean Town classic. We went straight from the airport over to Santarpio’s (more on that another time) where we really enjoyed a tasty, saucy pizza.

Sam Adams’ Grave

We then took a Lyft over to Boston Common where we wandered around briefly and also stopped by the Visitor’s Center. On the way to our next stop, we took a quick wander around the Granary Burying Ground. The photo above is the grave of US Founding Father Samuel Adams. Cheers!

Gliding by on a Segway

It was a beautiful day but it was also pretty hot. We figured rather than walk around, we could see a bit more and learn some history with Boston Segway Tours.

It’s been a while since I rode a Segway but it wasn’t really hard once I stepped on again.

Got Milk?

On our Segways, we glided past various important Boston sites including the oldest restaurant in the US, Boston Common, various burial grounds, stopped at the Massachusetts State House and more. I particularly enjoyed seeing this humongous milk bottle outside the Boston Children’s Museum!

The one hour tour cost $60. We got a coupon at the Visitor’s Center which brought the price down to $55 each. I wouldn’t consider this a cheap tour, but it is a ton of fun and a great way to cover a lot of ground in a little time! If you’re thinking of doing a Segway tour, I’d highly recommend it.

jm Curley Cheeseburger

After our Segway tour,  my brother and I were getting hungry…

Burgers tie pizza as my favorite food. I couldn’t stop by Boston and not also try what’s supposed to be one of their best burgers. I had a short list of three places to consider. Two were located in Cambridge so we passed on those & ended up at jm Curley.

The burger comes topped with griddled onions, cheddar and Russian dressing. My brother and I both agreed that this was a decent, solid burger but definitely not worth going out of your way for.

Original Boston Cream Pie

During our Segway tour, the guide mentioned that the Omni Parker House Hotel was where the Boston cream pie was invented. When I heard this, I asked if it was still served there. When we were told the price- $9 for one small pie, it was a bit high but something I still wanted to try one time.

After having burgers at jm Curley, the Omni Parker House was about 5 minutes away. We stopped by the hotel bar, The Last Hurrah to share an Original Boston Cream Pie.

Neither of us were really hungry but figured sharing a Boston original would be like tasting a small slice of history!

Long story short, we enjoyed the pie but it is pricey!

Outside Boston Common

Overall, we had a busy, fun and filling junk foodie day in Boston.

In my opinion, if you’re going to take the flight, even for a mileage run, you might as well spend a little time to explore. Even though I’ve been to Boston before, I enjoyed seeing and tasting the city in some new ways!

2 thoughts on “Trip Report: 7 Hours in Boston

  1. You got to see Keytar Bear! He is a local celebrity. Glad you guys had a nice time.

    The Omni Parker House is also famous as the home of the Parker House Rolls.

    Once when I showed a visiting friend Sam Adams’s grave, he said “that’s the beer guy!!!” Not quite, but his enthusiasm was much appreciated.

    If you have time next trip, the Harpoon Brewery tour in the Seaport district is cool. Plus they have an awesome bar with German pretzels you can hang out in afterwards.

  2. Taylor- We considered visiting Harpoon! I went to the Sam Adams tour (prob better described as a tasting) a while back. Visited Harpoon in VT so we passed on going in Boston. Maybe another time!

    What makes the rolls special at Parker House???

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