The Easiest 75000+ JetBlue Points I Ever Earned

JetBlue Points

I recently wrote about how I earned 75,000 JetBlue points for $96.20.

In reality, at the time of writing, my bonus points had not yet posted. Another thing I want to add is that the amount of points I earned for the $96.20 ticket to Boston wasn’t exactly accurate…

How does one earn so many JetBlue points for such a cheap flight with the airline? Most of you probably know about the JetBlue- Virgin America points match offer which recently expired on August 31.

Since flying to Boston for the day on August 24, I checked my JetBlue TrueBlue account a couple of times but had yet to see the bonus post. I stopped checking and figured it was wise to give it a week or so before looking again.

Well last night I logged into my TrueBlue account and was happy to see that my account balance had increased significantly!

JetBlue Points

The 75,000 bonus JetBlue points from the points match promo had posted to my account along with some additional points for the actual flight.

For a measly $96.20 I earned a total of 75,612 points! Not bad at all for flying a couple of hours in total plus spending a fun day in Boston!

(While you’re at it, find out what I did during my 7 Hours in Boston.)

In total, I earned 75,000 from the points match and 306 miles for each flight. For flying EWR-BOS roundtrip, I earned (each way) 102 base points, 102 online/ promotion bonus and 102 as a Mosaic bonus.

With these additional points, the Michael W Travels family is definitely in good shape to take some nice trips by way of JetBlue using our points!

The only regret from the promo- not being able to get Lucas in on the offer! Find out why here.

Did you do the JetBlue- Virgin America points match? If so, where did you fly and how much did it cost you for your flight?

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