Uber Scheduled Rides Feature Now Available in New York

Uber scheduled rides

In recent years I’ve come to see the value of Uber. Besides finding a car with a few clicks from your mobile device, they also offer some solid promos which can further bring the costs of a ride down.

Now a  new feature in New York is available- Uber scheduled rides.

This option is available in all five boroughs and allows users the opportunity to “lock in a ride during heavy commute times, or for early pickups to the airport, may not have to wait as long for one to arrive” according to CNN Money.

I particularly like this feature for the occasions where I’d consider taking an Uber to the airport. Rather than hope a car will be available where we live in Brooklyn, I might schedule one in the future.

I’m just not sure how pricing will work with one of these rides. Whenever I ride with Uber, I always look up the price. When you schedule a ride days in advance, there isn’t a way you’ll really know what the cost might be until you’re almost ready to be picked up.

Uber scheduled rides can be done from 15 minutes to 30 days in advance for UberX, UberXL and UberBlack. Rides can be canceled up to 5 minutes before pickup without paying a fee.

With the addition of Uber scheduled rides in New York, the service is now available in close to 200 cities in 11 countries.

Would you (or have you) like to schedule Uber rides in advance? I could definitely see it being a useful feature.

Find out more from CNN Money here.

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