Man Arrested for Harassing Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke During Flight

Sheriff Clarke
image: wikimedia commons

People have been arrested for disrupting flights in a variety of ways.

Most recently a man was arrested after harassing Trump supporter and public speaker, Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke during a flight.

The incident tool place on Saturday, when Sheriff David A Clarke Jr. was flying with American Airlines from Milwaukee to Charlotte.

Passenger Preston Blunston “berated” Sheriff Clarke during the two hour flight.

Blunston seems to have attacked Sheriff Clarke due to politics. Both men are African American and Blunston said that Clarke “was not one of us“.

The Charlotte Observer mentions that “Clarke is a well known champion of conservative causes and was a speaker at this year’s Republican National Convention. He is known as a supporter of Donald Trump’s presidency“.

One passenger said that Blunston was “loud and disruptive” and many of the comments were directed at Sheriff Clarke who was sitting at the back of the plane.

Details of the situation seemed a bit confusing to some degree. I thought that the man attacked the sheriff (verbally) due to his views.

However, further in the article it was revealed that the man was “harassing flight crew and passengers“. Sheriff Clarke stepped in mid-flight, telling Blunston to “chill out“.  When the plane was getting close to landing, Blunston got out of his seat and while the plane taxied to the gate, he continued to verbally abuse Clarke. Clarke told the man to sit down and then shoved Blunston face down & pinned him to the seat, holding him until the plane got to the gate.

Maybe Sheriff Clarke could apply to be an Air Marshal in the future if he’s looking to start a new career!

Find out more about the story here.

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