Warned Not to Climb, 3 Tourists Stuck on Uluru, Need 11 Hour Rescue

uluruDuring our honeymoon, Kim and I headed to Australia where we got to see some amazing sights around the country. One of our favorites was our stop in the Australian Outback.

We loved visiting the famous rock formations, the Olgas and Uluru (Ayer’s Rock).

A big debate I had was whether or not to climb Uluru. Kim wasn’t for it, so reluctantly I agreed to only go a short way up to get a closer look.

Tourists are advised not to climb for a couple of reasons. First of all, it can be dangerous but more importantly, the area is sacred to the native Aboriginal people.

According to FOX News, “Australians aren’t happy with three tourists who reportedly ignored pleas not to climb Uluru“. After not listening to the advice, the three got stuck on top which ended up causing the need for a pricey, 11 hour rescue.

The tourists- Australia men,  supposedly 23 years old wandered away from the path and then got stuck in a crevice.

The article failed to mention how the men called for help but the Northern Territories emergency services team had to come to the rescue. Vertical climb specialists reached them around midnight and brought them down at 3:30 AM on Tuesday, September 20.

While it isn’t illegal to climb Uluru, it isn’t recommended for the reasons mentioned above. What would you do if you visited?

Find out more from FOX News here.

5 thoughts on “Warned Not to Climb, 3 Tourists Stuck on Uluru, Need 11 Hour Rescue

  1. I am going to be visiting in a few months.
    I won’t be climbing for all the reasons you mentioned. It is dangerous, but mostly because it is sacred to the Anangu people.

  2. FinnSailor- It is but it’s also not illegal. To climb or not to is still something each individual has to make a decision about.

    K.Prince- Fair enough. You’re going to love it there! Enjoy.

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