Man Tells 911 Girlfriend Has Bomb on Plane to Stop Her From Leaving

bomb on plane
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Over the years I’ve posted a few stories that I’d consider to be stupid news.

I just came across one of the stupidest (but funniest stories) related to flying.

According to Gothamist, “Lovesick Man Allegedly Stops Girlfriend From Leaving By Telling 911 She’s Bringing Bomb On Plane“.

Danish Gomanie, a 33 year-old Queens man, called 911 on July 27 to alert authorities that a woman was going to board a flight to Guyana with a bomb. He said that it would be happening on July 29 and that she’d be carrying a bomb or drugs on the flight.

He made the call from his cellphone using an alias, Singh. During the call he told 911 his girlfriend’s name and her flight number. The FBI got involved and “traced the call to the address associated with the phone, which is Gomanie’s father’s address in Jamaica, Queens“.

Gomanie’s father allegedly said that the woman named had the same name as his son’s girlfriend.

The FBI then visited Gomanie’s girlfriend at her home and where he’s been staying. The girlfriend admitted that they got into a little fight over her upcoming trip to Guyana.

The following day Gomanie confessed to calling in the bomb threat.

So why did he do it? His girlfriend’s ex-husband lives in Guyana and was afraid they’d get back together.

In the end, Gomanie’s girlfriend canceled her trip and even waited for him to be released from jail. (Bail was set at $20,000.) She told the  told Daily News, “It’s just jealousy. We’re back together. I forgive him.”

Wow- so this guy calls in a bomb threat and wastes law enforcement’s time to keep his girlfriend from going away. I don’t think he should go to jail but maybe a trip to a psychiatric hospital would do him some good.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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