The Workingman’s Friend, An Odd But Tasty Burger Experience

Workingman's FriendOver the summer Lucas and I went away three weeks in a row, coming home each week on Friday to visit Kim before going away again. This was an interesting summer adventure which also ended up being a lot of fun.

Our third trip was to Indianapolis, Indiana.

When we arrived after the short flight, we were hungry for lunch. There was one place that I had to go. Since Lucas & I were in the mood for a burger, we headed to a place I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. We headed from the airport straight over to The Workingman’s Friend.

Workingman's Friend

I came across the Workingman’s Friend last year thanks to an article about 21 Must-East & Best Burgers in America. The restaurant also came in at #74 on the Daily Meal’s 101 Best Burgers in America list.

The Workingman’s Friend has been around since 1918, making it close to 100 years old!

Workingman's Friend

When we arrived at the Workingman’s Friend, I was excited and really hungry. I was also looking forward to trying out a burger which is considered one of the best in America.

Lucas and I walked around outside for a couple of minutes before I spotted something which could be a potential problem.

Workingman's Friend

A sign on the door stated “You must be 21 to enter“.

Since we drove here, I wasn’t about to give up. I opened the door and saw a really cool, old and pretty much empty bar.

Workingman's Friend

As soon as I opened the door, a woman behind the counter across the room pointed at Lucas and said “he can’t come in here”.

I had to think quick and said something like “Umm, well could someone come outside and take our order!

The woman walked over to Lucas and I, who were standing at the door and asked what we’d like. I then asked if it was their rules (21 & over) and she mentioned that it was a state law since the Workingman’s Friend was really considered a bar not a restaurant.

We then went outside and waited around 10 minutes for our burger to arrive. When they did we headed back to the car to get out of the heat and dine in comfort with some air conditioning.

a burger and fries in a styrofoam container

Once I opened the bag, I saw an amazing looking double cheeseburger which I couldn’t wait to taste.

The first thing that stood out were the crispy edges all around. From what I read, the burgers are smashed patties which somehow produce this interesting and tasty masterpiece.

(Had I been allowed to dine inside, I would’ve tried to find out more info about the burger from the staff.)

a hand holding a burger in a car

What also made the burger interesting was that between the two patties, there is a thin piece of bread. (I read somewhere that this is done to help absorb the juices.) If you look at the photo above, you’ll notice the crispy edges I mentioned above. You’ll also see that the middle is still pretty juicy and not a tough, charred burger.

This double cheeseburger was hard to put down, however I had to share it with Lucas! He also loved it along with the fries.

The Workingman’s Friend has one of the best double cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. It has a unique look thanks to those tasty, crispy edges and is also juicy and cheesy.

If we had a little more time, I would’ve stopped by again for another double! I guess there’s always next time!

The Workingman’s Friend is located at 234 N Belmont Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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