TSA Finds 3D Printed Gun in Carry-On, Confiscate It

3D Printed Gun
image: TSA instagram

The TSA likes to shares the illegal things that they find at airports which are then confiscated. In 2015, the TSA stopped a record number of guns.

The TSA has also found lots of crazy things like:

Most people know that guns are illegal and cannot be brought on a plane as a carry-on but what about a 3D printed gun?

In early August, “a plastic revolver assembled with a 3-D printer was among the 68 firearms the agency confiscated from carry-ons around the country“, according to the Washington Post.

The 3D printed gun was found at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. While the gun is a replica and inoperable, it was loaded with real .22 caliber bullets. The Washington Post said that, “fake guns are treated just like real ones — permitted in checked bags, but banned in carry-ons“.

This just also could be a historic stop as this might be the first 3D printed gun confiscated in the US!

The passenger was able to board his flight, voluntarily leaving the gun and ammo behind. While he could still face a civil fine, up to $7,500 he wasn’t arrested or issued a citation.

Find out more from the Washington Post here.

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