Travel News, Deals & Offers 8/8-14 2016

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2 thoughts on “Travel News, Deals & Offers 8/8-14 2016

  1. Michael,
    As you are to be a father again shortly for the second time, I was wondering about your opinion. A fellow blogger, Summer Hull of “Mommy Points”, posted today that it took her, her husband Josh, their 6 year old daughter Cate and their 1 year old, 23 hours to travel from Scotland to Houston due to various delays. I can only imagine that was a total nightmare. With traveling becoming increasingly more complicated, inconvenient and difficult, when do you think you and Kim might consider traveling internationally with your 2 children? What’s a good age for a youngster to become a world traveler? Thanks for your thoughts —-

  2. Rich- Great question. We’re looking to travel as soon as possible but that of course depends on work schedules, baby’s health and things along those lines. Realistically, I’d say when the baby is 2-3 months old. (If not for work, it would probably be sooner!)

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