Wyndham Gift, Angkor Fees Going Up, Bonus AA Miles, Tourist Mistaken for Refugee, Hotel Watch Butler, Indy Trip Planning, US Travel Warnings, Lucky Man, Tasty Burger & More- The Rehash!


Early Sunday morning there were some crazy deals to Eastern Europe on Air Serbia. I tried booking a flight to Podgorica, Montenegro for a ridiculously cheap $227 per person. After entering our info, I sadly saw the message that the price was no longer available! I must’ve missed out on the deal by minutes as it wasn’t around for very long. Definitely disappointing but with these deals, there are never any guarantees.

I’m pretty much done with the minimum spend on my newest credit cards and decided it was time to apply for a Citi AA card before new rules kick-in.

How has your week gone when it comes to miles, points and travel?

Now its time to take a look back at some of this past week’s posts in a recap that I like to call, The Rehash!

I’m hoping to take advantage of a free gift sent to me from Wyndham Rewards.

If you’re heading to Cambodia there’s some bad news as the entrance fee to the Angkor temples going up.

Shop & earn up to 1,500 American Airlines miles. Offer ends 8/21 at 11:59:59 pm ET.

Talk about a crazy tourist experience… A Chinese tourist was mistaken for a refugee and spent 2 weeks in a German migrant camp.

A bizarre new perk as a Kimpton Hotel adds a watch butler service.

Win a trip to Japan: NatGeo Traveler Instagram Photo Contest. Enter by 8/31/16.

For Lucas and my final summer trip I spent 25,967 points + Club Carlson free night + $315.98= Trip for 2 to Indianapolis.

In stupid news a man tells 911 his girlfriend has a bomb on a plane to stop her from leaving.

Are these warnings serious? USA travel warnings increasing.

A must try if you’re visiting Indianapolis. The Workingman’s Friend, an odd but tasty burger experience.

This guy just had the luckiest week of his life. Man wins the lottery after surviving a plane crash.

An interesting detection as the TSA found a 3D printed gun in a carry-on and confiscated it.

That’s all I’ve got!

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