Man Waits in Chinese Airport for Online Girlfriend for 10 Days

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It seems that some people will do just about anything for a chance at love…

A Dutch man spent 10 days in a Chinese airport waiting for his girlfriend (who never showed up) to arrive.

Alexander Pieter Cirk who’s 41 years old had to be hospitalized for exhaustion while waiting at an airport in Hunan. He was waiting for his 26 year old online love Zhang.

Cirk met Zhang through an app just a couple of months back. According to the SF Gate, “sick with love, he told her he was coming to visit her. Perhaps reasonably, Zhang assumed her online acquaintance of just 60 days was kidding“.

Zhang told a Hunan TV that he sent a photo of airline tickets but she thought it was a joke. She says that she was not contacted again.

After photos of Cirk went viral in China his online girlfriend “came forward to explain that her phone was turned off because she was having plastic surgery in another part of the country. For 10 days.”

Maybe the two will get to meet eventually. Zhang says she is willing to meet Cirk after recovering from her procedure.

Find out more about this Chinese airport love story from the SF Gate here.

6 thoughts on “Man Waits in Chinese Airport for Online Girlfriend for 10 Days

  1. Shaun- Sounds like a person with issues that was then being taken advantage of in some ways by the media to make it into a bigger story. Either way, it’s pretty crazy.

    Leo- Well it was new to me and many others that read it!

  2. I saw the 1 hour Hunan TV special on the guy. It seems he fell for a chat hotline girl. He announced to her that he was coming to Changsa. She never agreed to anything so she didn’t show up. He decided to stay at airport because he couldn’t get airline tickets changed. Days past. Reporter was willing to transport him to girl, but then he admitted he doesn’t know her address or number. The tv station paid to send more messages to her as his chat hotline account expired. Seems the tv station paid for hospital (made for tv drama). This was the fifth time he has been to the airport for different girls. Creepy. Guy was even on Chinese tv 2yrs before. Western media likes to spin it as, Idealistic westerner and heartless Chinese. Get real.

  3. More likely, he sent her photoshopped pictures. When she got a look at the real person who showed up apparently wearing cutoff jeans, she was not impressed, and ran. A great many internet romances run aground on these rocks.

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