The Willard Intercontinental Offering A Kiddie Concierge!

Willard Intercontinental
image: IHG

A couple of years back I wrote about odd hotel assistant jobs that exist like a fish valet, fragrance butler, fireplace butler and more. I also wrote about odd and unique hotel concierges like critter concierge, apothecary concierge and a soap concierge.

I just received a press release about a new concierge coming to the historic Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The hotel introduced a Kids Concierge which sounds really awesome!

The Kids Concierge was created “to cater to the nearly 12,000 children the hotel welcomes annually”, according to the press release. This special concierge will also “aim to ease the stress of family travel as well as enhance the family experience both at The Willard and in Washington, D.C.

The service will debut this fall and is geared towards children ages 11 and younger.

The Kids Concierge will offer the kiddies special amenities and activities.

The program also has an official mascot, Mille the Mallard, a duck who “takes up residence in a flowering pot in the courtyard of The Willard to lay her eggs” every spring.

The head of the Kids Concierge program will be Brian Thomasson. He’s been a concierge at The Willard for 4+ years. He’s also a father of two so he should be a good choice for the job.

Kids Concierge Brian will contact families before they arrive to find out what kind of in-room amenities they might need (crib, stroller, rollaway, microwave, etc). Families will also be provided with “a list of family friendly activities and restaurant options tailored to the child’s age“.

At check-in, kids will be given a welcome packet which includes a “Duck Buck,” a Millie Mile Adventure Map, a personalized Library Card and a Treasure Chest Card. A nice bonus- a complimentary in-room desert will also be offered.

During the stay kids can earn Duck Bucks which can be redeemed at the Cafe du Parc ice cream cart. One buck is given out at check-in but more can be earned by renting a book at the hotel’s children’s library, a board game rental from the Willard Treasure Chest and by completing the Millie Mile Scavenger Hunt.

I think that the coolest thing offered with the Kids Concierge program is a History Tour of the Willard. The hotel has been around for close to 200 years so it’s got to be interesting to learn about!

The Kids Concierge program at the Willard Intercontinental sounds like an amazing program. I’d love to take Lucas there to experience it one of these days!

What do you think- does a kids concierge sound like a good way to attract families to a hotel?

Find out more about the Willard Intercontinental Hotel here.

2 thoughts on “The Willard Intercontinental Offering A Kiddie Concierge!

  1. Mayliza- It can happen. Travel doesn’t have to be fancy. Experiences are what matter more IMO. You can also afford fancy with the right tricks!

  2. Nice. My family has no chance for leisure due to a very tight income. We just wish oneday, we can go on vacation and checked in to a nice hotel like this. Just wish….

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