An Impressive Experience Flying with JetBlue Mosaic Status

JetBlue Mosaic

I’m currently in Cancun with Lucas on our trip to Mexico.

Back in May I went for a status match to JetBlue Mosaic with my Southwest Companion Pass.

Since I knew that I would be flying the airline for my Cancun trip, I’d get a glimpse at seeing what the Mosaic benefits were up close. Here are my thoughts on what JetBlue Mosaic does for you.

Having JetBlue Mosaic status really seems to be a big deal to the airline’s employees. I’ve had AA Gold lifetime status  for close to five years and I can’t recall a times when it was acknowledged  besides the one time we got an upgrade.

Lucas and I flew out of JFK Airport. We printed boarding passes and a luggage tag from one of the machines. The first thing I noticed was when I went to the bag drop, the rep forget to weigh my bag. She then shrugged and waved her hand and said something like, Oh, I didn’t weight your bag, don’t worry about it! So would a non-Mosaic flyer have the bag hen taken off and removed?

Right after, I asked a JetBlue employee by a set of check-in machines what the quickest way to security was. She thought I was still checking in at first and pointed to a dedicated area for Mosaic members to check-in. I had no clue this existed but will keep a mental not of this for next time.

When it came time to boarding, Lucas and I got to board first. When Mosaic members were called to board, I was close to the gate. When I showed my tickets, the rep told me this was check-in for Mosaics only. When I said “yes, I know“, she looked at my ticket again and apologized. LOL, not really a big deal…

I found it really funny that when drink service was taking place, the flight attendant addressed me with “Mr. W, what would you like“. (I went with a refreshing, complimentary beer.) Definitely a nice way to make you feel big time while sitting towards the back in coach! 🙂

It was also nice when I took Lucas to the back for a bathroom break, one of the FAs mentioned to let them know when I’d like another drink.

And just before landing, the FA that knew my name thanked me for my loyalty!

Overall, JetBlue offers excellent service. Being JetBlue Mosaic made it feel a lot more personalized along with some nice perks which could certainly add up in value if you fly enough.

Have you flown with JetBlue Mosiac status? If so, what was your experience like?

Find out about JetBlue Mosaic here.

8 thoughts on “An Impressive Experience Flying with JetBlue Mosaic Status

  1. The single best benefit of elite status on any airline (and I’ve had it on UA, AA and DL for nearly the past two decades) is the penalty-free cancellation policy for me and my companions since I achieved Mosaic status. Doesn’t get refunded, but goes to travel bank which I’m certain to use now that I fly JetBlue more as a result. Brilliant policy because it really increases my flying on JetBlue and fabulous benefit to me.

  2. United EF- Congrats on the upcoming status. It does seem that JetBlue is taking it seriously both on the ground and in the air.

    shay peleg- getting it as a status match to the Southwest Companion Pass, I’ll take it. IMO JetBlue gives enough space in coach to not complain about upgrades. Oh and btw- we tend to primarily fly coach and not mind.

    Ryan- Who is full of themselves? LOL Don’t hold it then. It really isn’t a big deal either way just sharing how JetBlue treats Mosaic members,

  3. Wow man, what a lunatic. I laugh at reading these things and I think…really!? Are people that full of themselves? Makes me never want to hold airline status again.

  4. Kreski is one of those that thinks status is an abomination and that everyone should be treated equally. I will be getting my mosaic status via CC spend in a few months. I look forward to all the perks! Glad to hear they addressed you by name I only got that half the time when I was EXP with AA and almost never as 1k with UA. Looks like they take mosaic status seriously which is a nice change from the legacy treatment which is hit or miss.

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