Will the Anthony Bourdain Market Ever Open?

Anthony Bourdain Market
image: CNN

There’s been lots written about the planned Anthony Bourdain Market which is supposed to eventually open in NYC.

The market was initially supposed to open back in 2015. The location was later announced and it’s supposed to be located at Pier 57 and Hudson River park. Since then other things have gone on and the market is now supposed to open in 2017!

There has since been a number of updates about the status of Anthony Bourdain Market:

Since all of this market talk has begun, Bourdain has dined with President Obama in Vietnam and we’ve also learned about the one place he won’t dine.

I know 2017 is a long time away,  but I can’t help wondering if the market actually ever open? The answer would probably be- who really knows?!

According to Eater, “the author/TV host and his partners actually haven’t signed a lease for their highly-anticipated food hall, Bourdain Market, at theSuperPier yet“. The article mentions how the project is a ton of work with visas needed to be arranged for international chefs among other things…

The Anthony Bourdain Market team has a letter of intent but no actual lease for the space as of yet. Eater also mentions that “The lack of a lease shouldn’t be a big deal, considering the heavy-hitters involved“.

However, worries about the market opening could come up since “Eater’s sources are now whispering that the developers are getting more serious about a back-up option“.  Rumor has it that the developers are “talking to the Gansevoort Market team about taking over the 155,000-square-feet of space instead“.

I guess we’ll just wait and see for more news on what’s going on with the Anthony Bourdain Market. I’m hoping that it opens in the future and lives up to the high expectations!

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