Ridiculous Street Signs #21: Beware Tripping- Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon MyanmarDuring our spring break in 2015, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Myanmar (Burma), a destination I had long wanted to visit.

Since I’m always on the lookout for Ridiculous Street Signs, I was happy to come across one towards the end of our visit in Yangon. I had pulled the photos to share but totally forgot them until I was going through some files recently!

Before I continue, here are some trip reports from our visit to Myanmar:

Yangon MyanmarAfter spending the day wandering around Yangon in the blistering heat, we decided to head over to a modern mall to enjoy the air conditioning!

There weren’t many stores of interest to us but we were able to grab some snacks and cold drinks at a supermarket which was kind of like the Myanmar version of Walmart.

We then left the market to checkout the rest of this small mall.

Kim and I are always curious about what kind of baby/ toddler products are available in countries around the world. Due to this, we stopped into a baby store selling a decent variety of products- strollers, car seats, soaps, diapers and more.

While walking through the store, a special sign caught my eye.

Yangon MyanmarThe sign was really confusing. As you can see it is a caution sign of a person tripping over a bump on the floor. The thing is, we didn’t notice any bump around us.

Could it be that the floorboards come up at times and this was just a precautionary warning to beware tripping to cover themselves from any fault?

What are your thoughts about this odd warning sign?

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