American Airlines Spending $4 Million to Speed Up Lines At Airports

American Airlines
image: AA Newsroom

Lines at the airports seem to be getting much worse and a lot of the problem is attributed to the TSA being understaffed as well as “tightened security procedures“.

The long-line problem could get even worse during the upcoming busy summer travel season. However, one airline has an idea on a way to help alleviate the wait times for travelers.

American Airlines will “spend $4 million for contractors to help manage checkpoint lines and get passengers through security more quickly,” according to ABC News.

Although the airline feels this will help speed things up, the airline’s COO says that “the only way to fix long airport lines is to increase staffing for the TSA“.

AA contractors will manage lines and collect bins to allow TSA screeners to focus on screening passengers.

AA isn’t spending money just to help move the lines along to help customers out, it could also save the airline some money in the end. Due to long lines, thousands of passengers have missed their flights and have had bags delayed. This has got to cost the airline a pretty penny!

Find out more from ABC News here.

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