Canceled AA Award to Fiji & Vanuatu, What Happened to My Miles?

AA Award

Yesterday I wrote about an AA award flight to Fiji and Vanuatu that I had to cancel for a great reason. While it was painful at first to cancel the booking, I am totally cool with it…

Some of you might wonder- what happened to the tickets or miles since I cancelled our flight?

When the flight was cancelled I could’ve paid a fee to have the miles reinstated into my account. The cost for this comes to $150 for the first ticket and $25 for each additional ticket. This meant, to get my miles redeposited into my account, I’d have to pay $200.

However, this doesn’t need to be done right away.

For now, the AA Gold rep had said that the tickets, while cancelled were still in our names and could be rebooked for a future date! This sounded amazing but there is a time limit for when our tickets need to be used by.

While I still really want to visit Fiji & Vanuatu, I was told that we would need to take the flights by December 31, 2016 (maybe a week before- I don’t recall the exact date).

Based on when Baby W Travels should be arriving (as well as our work schedules), it’s going to be pretty much impossible to take the trip before 2017 arrives. (If we had until next April, then it would be much more likely that we could go if award space was available.)

Since Kim can not fly while she is pregnant, I asked the AA rep if they ever waive the flight cancellation fee or extend the date for when tickets could be used.

The response was somewhat positive.

I was told that getting the fee waived was possible but she could not make the decision. I had to e-mail AA customer relations and explain the situation. This seemed fair enough, I just hoped that getting an answer wouldn’t take as long as it did to get a decision when Lucas’s stroller was broken!

Have you ever had to cancel a flight due to an illness or medical reason? If so, did the airline help you out and waive cancellation fees?

I’ll be posting an update in the near future where I’ll share AA’s response to my request.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Canceled AA Award to Fiji & Vanuatu, What Happened to My Miles?

  1. Congratulation! Michael.
    I had 3 trips canceled last Spring because of +1 illness, called AA EXP desk and they refunded 2 tickets to my CC and the last one she ask to call back when the time near, when called back this time just change the date with price different. (Feeling so lucky and maybe it was EXP status).

  2. karung99- Thank you! Sounds like AA took care of you. My guess is that be EXP helped. (I am only lifetime Gold which doesn’t do much.) Hope you had the chance to take your trips at a later date!

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