Canceled An AA Award to Fiji & Vanuatu- Find Out Why!

AA award

Kim, Lucas and I take lots of trips each year. We usually fly to destinations around 8-10 times (per year). Of those trips, 2-3 are what I’d consider bigger trips.

Last year we went to Myanmar over spring break. We visited four Mid-East Gulf States during the summer. (I’ve written some trips reports about each of the destinations mentioned but slacked off and didn’t finish…)

When the school year began I only had a couple of trips being planned and I started talking about where to go in the spring of 2016. I thought of some ideas- South Korea, the Philippines and Fiji (and other South Pacific islands).

After some discussion with Kim (and award searching), we came to a decision and I have to say I was really psyched and looking forward to our upcoming trip to Fiji and Vanuatu.

Back in November 2015, I was able to book flights for the three of us from NYC to Fiji and then from Vanuatu to NYC with American Airlines AAdvantage miles. (I waited on purchasing or finding award availability for a flight from Fiji to Vanuatu and I’m glad that I did!)

When we got back from Cuba in early January it was time to start planning our trip to the Pacific but we procrastinated a bit. (I started a new job and we had to catch up from being away etc…)

Then in mid-January we got some amazing news. Kim is pregnant!

With a baby on the way, there was pretty much no chance that Kim would be enduring multiple flights and 20 hours or so flying back and forth from Fiji and Vanuatu. I held out some hope that we could still take the trip but knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Rather than cancel our flights right away, I waited over a month before making the tough call to AA.

Once it really set in that we were having a baby, I was totally cool with canceling the trip. Imagine how much fun it’s going to be to have another travel partner in the future! Since our little world traveler Lucas Miles arrived in 2012, we’ve continued to travel and the experiences have been amazing!

When “Baby W Travels” arrives, I’ll be excited to continue our travel journey, this time as a family of 4.

Until then, Kim is grounded from flying but Lucas and I have some plans. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “Canceled An AA Award to Fiji & Vanuatu- Find Out Why!

  1. Denise L- Thanks for the support!

    Charlie- Thank you!

    DaninMCI- Thanks! We were supposed to go away in a couple of weeks from now. Kim is due in early October & is high-risk so she is not supposed to fly. Better to be safe… Hoping to get to do this trip in a year from now- who knows!

    Carrick- Thanks!

    BOS_Flyer- TY! I have a post about what’s going on with the miles. Sounds like DL was very understanding- nice!

    Ang- Thanks! Another future traveling junk-foodie! 🙂

    Rich A- Thank you! I definitely want to go still. Glad to see you had a nice time and thanks for the tips. Did you only stay close to Nadi?

    1. MW,
      Furthest we got on the island was Nadi. We did however do the 9.5 hour fast boat trip from Port Denarau to see the Yasawa Island chain and then back again. We enjoyed that. Might not be the best for wee folks as it’s really all about seeing what these islands look like. Other than sightseeing, kids would most probably be bored for most of the trip.

  2. Congrats!!!
    As to Fiji, we just got back 3 1/2 weeks ago and enjoyed the whole experience very much. As you will probably reschedule the trip in the future sometime, here are a few of my observations:
    Fijians tend to be friendly, out-going and helpful. Most visitors stay at one of the Fiji resorts on Denarau Island. We did both the Radisson Blu (4 days)and the Hilton (2 days), all on points. Both were good with the Radisson definitely more family oriented. For less expensive meals, I would suggest taking the “Bula Bus” to Port Denarau. For a Fiji dollar (50 cents US), you can take the “Dollar Bus” into Nadi to cash money, buy fresh fruit at the market (wash 1st), buy souvenirs, just check the town out, etc. Pay the driver upon departing the bus, not before! The buses run every 20 minutes or so between the resorts and town and then back again.
    Most importantly while there, have patience, as the pace of things occur on “Fiji Time”. As you can guess, much slower than the hustle bustle of NYC! Chill-out and enjoy —-

  3. First of all, Congratulations!!
    Were you able to wave the award redeposit fees? We were in the same shoes a few years ago, and had a DL trans-Atlantic award trip coinciding with the delivery date. Called DL, explained the situation, and they agreed to redeposit the miles without incurring any fees.
    Best of luck.

  4. I guess I’m a little confused. It sounds like you had a Spring 2016 trip planned (that would be about now) and it’s great news that Kim is pregnant so even if the trip was say in May I guess that would make her like 6 months along. I assume that is the reason you cancelled.
    Life does tend to throw changes into our travel plans at times. My kids are all grown now but I remember moving from Oklahoma City to New Orleans we had a 5 year old and 2 year boys. My wife was 9 months pregnant, like due in a couple weeks. Her doctor chose to have her fly to N.O. as he felt the drive would be worse. It was a long drive with those two but she made it just fine on a Continental flight with awesome FA’s taking care of her. Flying can’t be fun when very far along.
    Hopefully you can salvage the points and money and plan a new trip down the road before the next devaluation 🙂
    Congrats on the new baby as well !

  5. Congratulations! It’s hard to cancel a trip but what a wonderful reason. I look forward to following your growing family on future adventures.

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