EasyJet Cabin Crew Getting LED Uniforms!

EasyJet Cabin Crew
image: screen capture from cnet video

Flight attendant uniforms have changed quite a bit over the years. Fashion designers often collaborate with the airlines to supply stylish uniforms for the crew.

EasyJet cabin crew will soon be getting new, fashionable uniforms which will be incorporating technology. The idea seems pretty interesting but also a bit odd.

EasyJet will be collaborating with London fashion house CuteCircuit, bringing uniforms which feature LEDs and microphones, according to a video from CNET.

The LEDs will actually be functional, offering information to passengers. (LEDs will be placed on the uniform’s shoulders and hemlines.)

The microphones incorporated into the uniforms sound like a very smart idea as they will allow cabin crew to communicate more easily.

The ground crews will also get a makeover to their uniforms to help when there are dangerous weather conditions. The new hooded jackets will help pilots better see the ground crew during takeoff and landings.

News of the new technologically advanced EasyJet Cabin Crew uniforms was reported by CNET’s Tomorrow Daily.

Check out the CNET clip below:

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