Emmy Squared- Pizza Perfection in Brooklyn, NY

Emmy Squared

Some of you may have read how much I love pizza (and burgers). I’ve written about pizza from time to time but definitely not as much as I should!

Just the other day I wrote about the Best Pizza Cities in the World. NYC came in at #2 on the list and I don’t know, it seems like more and more amazing pizza places keep opening up!

Emily in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn opened a couple of years back offering very tasty pizza as well as a very good burger (which I need to try again). On Wednesday, they opened a new pizzeria called Emmy Squared.

Kim, Lucas and I headed to Williamsburg to try out Emmy Squared on opening night and boy were we impressed!

Emmy Squared is selling Detroit style pizza which are square pies. (They are similar to Sicilian pizza however I didn’t find the crust to be as thick and heavy.)

Emmy Squared
Waiting to get inside
Emmy Squared
The Menu

We showed up around 10-15 minutes before opening and got on the small line, getting seated with the first group of diners.

While looking over the menu we had some difficult decisions to make. From the variety of pizzas, sandwiches and appetizers, it was hard to choose what to order.

Here is what we ordered:


Emmy Squared
Crispy Cheddar Curds

Crispy Cheddar Curds– the curds were tasty and a big hit with Lucas. I found these curds to be subtle in flavor. They tasted best when dipped in the excellent tomato sauce. I also tried the Sammy Sauce with them a few times which I liked but it was also a bit spicy and made the curds even less noticeable.

While enjoyable, I’d try another item next time.


Kim and I try to order one white pie and one with sauce when places serve individual sized pies. This strategy works out well to get a good sampling of a pizzerias’s offerings.

Emmy Squared
Roni Supreme

The first pizza that arrived was the Roni Supreme which has sauce, mozzarella, lots of pepperoni and calabrian chiles.

From the moment I dug in I was impressed. The pepperoni was cooked nicely forming into little cups of flavor and the sauce & cheese was delicious too. The star of this pizza might just be the crust though. The only problem I had was that some bites were just too spicy from the chiles. However, what’s hot to me might not be hot to you.

We’ll probably try a different pie during our next visit but I’d order the Roni Supreme again.

Emmy Squared
Marn Blanc

Our second pie was the Marn Blanc, a white pie topped with mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino and carmelized onion. This pie was pretty amazing and Lucas loved it too! (He wasn’t a fan of the Roni Supreme due to the spice.)

The crust was nice and crispy with the cheeses being creamy and good. The onions added a sweetness which I really enjoyed.

If I had to choose one of these pies, it would be a very hard decision. I guess it would just be based on whether or not I wanted sauce on my pizza at that moment or not.

Emmy Squared
Enjoying some Emmy Squared

Highlights of Emmy Squared:

Emmy Squared

Like I mentioned above, all of the ingredients were really delicious- tasty sauce and really good cheeses. However, what makes Emmy Squared really stand out is the dough/ crust.

I am not a huge fan of Sicilian pizza but do enjoy a good square on occasion. I usually don’t want all of that extra heaviness from the thick dough. At Emmy, the pies are not too thick and the dough is really tasty and chewy yet crunchy- a great combination!

The best bites of the pizza:

Emmy Squared
The best bites!

The outer edges of the pizza are some of the most amazing flavors I’ve ever had on a pie. Think super crunchy with a ton of flavor from cheese which has melted over onto the edges. Lucas left behind a few scraps from the edges and I was happy to finish them off.

When I order a Sicilian pie, I usually go for middle slices, at Emmy Squared I WANT the corners! YUM.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, we feel that Emmy Squared offers some of the most unique, new pies in the NYC area. If this is a sample of Detroit-style pizza, then I’d really like to head to Detroit soon to try it out there too!

I know that we’ll be heading back to Emmy Squared soon and I’d definitely suggest that you give it a try if you’re in NYC.

Emmy Squared is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 364 Grand Street.

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