Lucas & I Are Going On Our 1st Father Son Trip!

Wadi Shab, Oman (Summer 2015)

One of our bigger trips of the year usually take place during Spring Break.

Last year we visited the amazing country- Myanmar (Burma). For 2016 we were supposed to visit Fiji and Vanuatu but we had to cancel our plans.

Kim is currently grounded from flying while pregnant with Baby W Travels! However, this doesn’t mean that Lucas and I can’t sneak away for a quick trip!

Lucas and I will be taking our first Father Son Trip, coming up this weekend!

Lucas has been asking me for a while now when we’re going away again or when we’d be going on the airplane. When Kim and I found out that we’d be cancelling our trip, we discussed the idea of Lucas and I going away together.

I could see the pros and cons of going away without mommy but Lucas and I are both really excited! This will be a new adventure in our long list of family adventures!

We’ll both really miss Kim during our trip but this will be a real test and learning experience. Our trip will be to Poland where we’ll only have four full days to wander around.

I felt that this would be a good amount of time to go away while not being away for the full school break.

When thinking of the pros and cons of going away along with Lucas, I felt the #1 pro was more father son bonding! How can you go wrong with that? The #1 con (or worry) I have is: how I will get a good jumping photo? 🙂 (and that we’ll miss Kim!)

With Lucas being just a little over four years old and such an experienced flyer and traveler (30 countries visited before turning 4), I really don’t have much to worry about.

Overall, I’m really looking forward to this new family travel experience. I think it will be a good test! While I usually like to pack in the sightseeing and exploring, I’m not as concerned about this. It will be more about wandering and just having fun! (We’ll still see some of the top sights in the areas we’re visiting.)

Who knows, there might be more Father Son Trips to come in the future!

Have you traveled alone with a young child? If so, do you have any good tips to share?

2 thoughts on “Lucas & I Are Going On Our 1st Father Son Trip!

  1. Love the mommy/daughter trips I take with Little C! We started at about 2 years old and by 3.5 she was beyond pro and we would have a blast on our own every time. I’m sure your experience will be the same.

    Having Baby S has paused our mom/Little C trips, but very much counting down to taking one with her in 2017 when I can finally leave the baby (then 1.5 years old) with dad for a weekend. You will get hooked with traveling with just your little buddy!

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