Want to Live On An Island in Papua New Guinea for 4 Months?

Papua New Guinea

How does living with a tribe on an island in Papa New Guinea for 4 months sound to you?

A small tribe is looking for 10 people to have a “once in a lifetime co-living experience” by joining them for co-living, adventure, swimming & island hopping and eating.

If this sounds like your idea of fun, then read on!

The community of Gonubalabala is made up of 20 inhabitants looking to create “a simple off-grid eco-tourism site“. They’d like to find an electrician, doctor, teacher, permaculturist, musician and cook.

The community is looking for 10 adventurous people to spend the dry-season in the Samarai archipelago and help build new tribe-homes.

I found the site, Tribewanted to be a bit confusing. Initially it sounded like an invite to win some sort of contest to win a place in the tribe. After skimming through many of the details, it even said apply here. (I guess apply isn’t the same as enter.)

After scrolling a drop further, I then saw the prices and they’re definitely not what I’d consider cheap!

Here are the prices:

  • One month: $1800 per person, $2700 per couple
  • Two months: $3000 per person, $4500 per couple
  • Three months: $4000 per person, $6,000 per couple
  • Four months: $5000 per person, $7500 per couple

And for those that would like to visit for a week:

  • Private bungalow:¬†$500 a week per person double occupancy all inclusive$600 a week per person single occupancy all inclusive
  • Shared room: (three beds) or camping¬†(2 tents and linens available or bring your own tent)¬†$500 a week per person all inclusive.

While the experience to live with a small tribe does sound appealing, it seems like (after looking over the site) a great way to market a business.

Check out Tribewanted for your self here and tell me what impression you get of this offer to join the tribe.

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