Independent Travel To Cuba Became Legal Today

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Restrictions for Americans visiting Cuba will soon be coming to an end. Currently Americans need to fall under one of 12 categories to qualify for a visit.

I’ve long wanted to travel to the island- Kim, Lucas & I had the chance to visit recently and we weren’t disappointed! (Check out my trip planning post here.)

Now traveling to the island is getting easier sincethe Treasury Department quietly announced that it would now allow “individual people-to-people educational trips” according to an article from Frommer’s.

Basically, the way it will now work (for legal reasons) is as long as you say that you are going to Cuba for educational reasons you can avoid visiting the island with an authorized tour company. Doing this will allow you to avoid the overly high prices they charge for their tours.

According to a State Department press release, “Individuals will be authorized to travel to Cuba for individual people-to-people educational travel, provided that the traveler engages in a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities intended to enhance contact with the people, support civil society, or promote the people’s independence from Cuban authorities and that will result in a meaningful interaction between the traveler and individuals.”

Having recently gone to Cuba, I can’t imagine how the government would enforce this law, since it is still officially off-limits to visit strictly for touristy reasons. Then again, does the US government even care to enforce it?

Considering that so many US airlines are bidding to resume flights to the island in the near future, it’s safe to assume that travel for the sake of touristic reasons has to be legalized soon…

Find out more from Frommer’s here.

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