Travel Skills EVERY TRAVELER Should Have

Travel Skills

I’d assume that all of you reading my blog are interested in and love to travel. Most of you have probably done your fair share of travel too.

For those of us that travel a lot, are there skills that make things go smoother and easier?

I’d say that due to travel, I am a pretty organized person, I can deal with and adapt to changing situations, make good & smart decisions and am open to experiencing new things.

Are there skills that would benefit most travelers? Smarter Travel sure things so and came up with a slideshow with 10 Essential Skills Every Traveler Should Have.

Here are the 10 Skills:

  1. Drive a Stick Shift: My first two cars were stick shift, so I have this covered.
  2. De-bone a Fish: I can’t claim to know how to de-bone a fish and unless we’re camping and hiking a lot, I don’t see the need to learn this skill.
  3. Read a Map: I can read a map but am not the best at this. Map reading is usually Kim’s responsibility.
  4. Haggle: I love to haggle and bargain and find it to be a fun way to chat with locals. I’d recommend just being respectful and have fun.
  5. Approach Strangers: Not my favorite thing to do but if we need directions or someone to take a photo for us, Kim or I will definitely approach strangers.
  6. Change a Flat Tire: I haven’t changed a flat in years due to roadside service but I think I can still do so if needed.
  7. Estimate Conversions: Usually not a problem but if it is, that’s where apps like XE or Currency help.
  8. Use a Squat Toilet: We’ve had lots of experience with squatters so I think we’re covered here.
  9. Learn the Local Language: I’d love to learn another language someday.
  10. Acquire Basic Survival Skills: Not sure about this one and hope to never find out!

How many of the travel skills do you have? Are there any other skills that you feel belong on the list?

Find out more from Smarter TravelĀ here.

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