Reminder: The Amazing Race Debuts Tonight

Amazing Race
Image: Twitter

The Amazing Race is definitely one of my favorite reality television shows and also one of the best shows for anyone interested in travel.

Since the show debuted in 2001, I can only recall missing one episode and that was only due to it not recording!

The Amazing Race Season 28 debuts tonight, February 12 and it should be a season made up of interesting racers with something in common.

The cast of 11 teams are made up of social media stars. (Find out about the cast at the link above.) My guess is that they’ll all have big personalities which will make for some good drama!

According to E! Online, the new season’s starting line will be from the racer’s own homes! Talk about an interesting new twist!┬áThe first destination will be Mexico City.

Are you planning to watch the new season of The Amazing Race? I am- my DVR is already set to record the season!

The Amazing Race airs on CBS and debuts at 8/7c. Check out the official website at here.

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