What To Do With 100K Amex Points, Spirit 1.6 Billion Miles Giveaway, Cuba Info, Tortas Frontera ORD Lawsuit, Walking Dead Cruise, Miles & Points Earned in 2015 & More- The Rehash!


Kim, Lucas and I spent a night over the weekend at one of our favorite hotels. We wanted to go away over the long weekend and the chance to earn Kim’s IHG accelerate bonus made it even more worthwhile. (I just hope that I read the terms correctly for her offer! If so, Kim should earn 46,000 IHG points for the stay.)

As of now, our next flight isn’t until the end of April. That seems like way too long of a wait. Maybe we’ll take a long weekend domestic trip when I’m off in February.

Luckily I received an alert from AwardWallet or I wouldn’t have known that AA switched one of our flights for April. Considering the new flight gave us only 45 minutes between flights, I could’ve easily seen our plans getting screwed up. I called ASAP and was able to fix this!

How has your week gone when it comes to miles, points and travel?

And now it’s time to take a look back at some of this past week’s posts in a recap that I like to call- The Rehash!

I’ve been writing about our trip to Cuba and have more posts on the way.

Here’s what I wrote so far:

Did anyone else get this? Delta Airlines sending $50 gift cards by mistake?

A bizarre story with not enough info… Woman suing Tortas Frontera ORD for margarita injury.

It was nice to see 11 more IHG Priceless Surprises e-mails arrive!

Here’s a way to meet some of the stars from one of the hottest shows on TV, Walking Dead cruise ready to sail.

Spirit Airways is giving away 1.6 billion miles. An interesting gimmicky promo but it does include some free points!

I think the decision’s been made but I was curious to hear what you thought. What should I do? 100K Amex Membership Rewards points.

I hope that 2016 is a better year… Miles & points earned from credit card bonuses in 2015.

That’s all I’ve got!

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‘Til next time!

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