Woman Gives Birth in Uber Car, Names Baby… Uber

Uber Car

Uber runs lots of fun promos and offers services other than rides.

There was an Uber Star Wars promo back in September and they’ll deliver things like Christmas Trees, Kittens, Air Conditioners, Lunch and recently Brought Gifts.

A new service might soon be offered in your Uber car. Delivering babies!

Kim sent me an article from Us Weekly (which shares details of an article from The Times of India) about a woman who gave birth in an Uber car. So what would be the logical thing to do? Have your driver pick the baby’s name!

A woman in India named Babli repeatedly tried calling an ambulance but the calls were not answered.

When an ambulance isn’t available and it’s time to give birth who would you call? Babli decided that it was best to call Uber. She was with two other women and asked to be taken to a government hospital in Delhi, India.

The driver was driving towards the hospital but had to stop since the woman was in pain and her friends didn’t know what to do. They helped deliver the baby in the Uber car. The driver said he pulled out some towels from the seats and got her some water. The baby was born within minutes.

He then rushed over to the hospital, put Babli on a stretcher and brought the new mother inside.

The driver was invited to the baby’s baptism and got to pick the little guy’s name.

He chose Uber!

Find out more from the Times of India here and Us Weekly here.

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