US and Cuba Close To Restoring Commercial Flights?

US and Cuba
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For many years I’ve wanted to visit Cuba.

I think the first time I thought about visiting was when I worked for CBS News. A story was done about the music on the island and I remember seeing footage of those old, classic American cars  (or maybe somebody told me about them).

This was years ago and since then I’ve looked into doing one of those cultural or religious trips but the prices were ridiculous. I’m going to estimate that a 5 day trip was going for something like $4,000.

Fast forward to February 2015. starts selling flights from the US to Cuba after some rules were loosened for Americans. This appeared to be an interesting option but still a bit more than I’d want to spend for 3 people to go to the island.

In July of this year, full diplomatic relations were restored between the US and Cuba.

With diplomatic relations restored, Americans still need to fall under one of the 12 authorized categories.

Also, there are still no commercial flights between the US and Cuba. It looks like this may soon change.

The AP reports that the “US, Cuba Reach Understanding On Restoring Commercial Flights“.

I wondered immediately when these flights might begin. The article mentions that US airlines could begin flying to Cuba within months! But again, this news is of an understanding, not an agreement just yet.

The AP says that Cuba could soon allow a dozen flights per day to fly from the US to the island. If this were to happen, I’d love to know where this new influx of tourists would stay? My guess is that Airbnb will do very well due to there not being enough hotels.

Are you excited for commercial flights between the US and Cuba to resume? I am but maybe not as much as you’d think. Stay tuned!

Find out more from the AP here.

2 thoughts on “US and Cuba Close To Restoring Commercial Flights?

  1. Air fare cost to Cuba will not be the problem. Michael, you’re right when stating “there not being enough hotels”. Considering the hotels are currently at high occupancy rates with Canadians, Europeans, Latin Americans and increasingly U.S. citizens, IMHO, daily rates will increase significantly with reduced room availability. Until more hotels/resorts are built, Cuba will remain EXPENSIVE!

  2. Rich A- I think the cost of airfare will depend on how much demand & competition there is. It looks to me that unless you’re comfortable staying in a casa particular (essentially a room in someone’s home) you might want to wait some time for those new hotels to be built!

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