300 US Bank FlexPerks Points for Watching a Video

US Bank FlexPerks

I recently wrote about a way to earn an EASY 500 Bonus US Bank FlexPerks points.

I enrolled my card to earn the free points since there was certainly nothing to lose!

My FlexPerks bill recently arrived and along with it was an insert for something called the Nucleus. I can’t say that I’ve heard of this device before nor am I interested in getting one.

However, I was interested in a way to get 300 FREE FlexPoints for watching a short video.

The Nucleus insert or ad, is hoping to attract customers to purchase their Family Intercom. If you reserve your Nucleus using a FlexPerks card, you’ll get 5,000 bonus FlexPoints when you do so  here.

The other included offer is a way to earn 300 Bonus FlexPoints for watching a 3 minute video. (No purchase is necessary.)

US Bank FlexPerks

I headed over to the FlexPerks PromoSite and clicked on the button to get details.

The next step was to watch the video to earn the free points.

Some Rules:

  • A one-time bonus will be awarded 8-10 weeks after watching the 3 minute video.
  • Offer ends March 31, 2016

The Nucleus actually looked pretty interesting but not something that I can say that I need but I am happy to accept some free points!

If you have a FlexPerks card, head over to the PromoSite here to watch the Nucleus video and earn free points.

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