Can You Play IHG Priceless Surprises Prize Link Extra Times

Priceless Surprises

Yesterday I wrote about the IHG Points Won (So Far) from Priceless Surprises.

So far I’ve mailed in 80 entries (10 were sent within the past few days). I received my first 21 entries last Friday.

I and many readers are wondering when more (or for some any) entries in the form of prize e-mails will arrive.

Reader Carl P had an interesting idea which I figured was worth testing out.

Carl left a comment that:

I had read some posts that indicated the link on all their emails were the same, and they just used one link multiple times. It’s as if it has a counter to just let you did it the right number of times.

I’d be curious if your link would allow you to play more.

If the company running the promo, HelloWorld had entered our entries into their computer (but not yet sent the e-mails out and if the entry link is always the same) I thought maybe this would work.

I decided to give it a try by trying the link in a couple of Priceless Surprises prize e-mails I received last Friday.

When I clicked the link, I received the message shown above stating:

We love your enthusiasm! However, you do not have any instant win chances to use. Complete a qualified stay before February 15 to earn another chance to win.

This was definitely an interesting idea, worth trying out but it did not allow me to play any of my pending entries.

To be honest, I don’t mind that it did not work. It was fun getting all of those e-mails last week!

How have you done so far playing IHG Priceless Surprises?

10 thoughts on “Can You Play IHG Priceless Surprises Prize Link Extra Times

  1. AlohaDaveKennedy- Either IHG did or HelloWorld, the company administering the contest! Sounds a bit extreme for IHG to kill accounts rather than not just take back the extra points.

  2. Good to see IHG thought out their internal controls this time and that the page links controls work to keep entries limited. A few years back IHG ran a promotion where they overlooked internal controls and folks were able to make unlimited use of page links. In that specific case, IHG later went on a rampage and killed scores of user accounts.

  3. avokurto- Thanks for being a regular reader. I’m sorry that you feel that way.

    Everybody Hates A Tourist- Thanks for the support!

    Carl P- You’re welcome! I thought it was an interesting idea worth trying and writing about. I entered through each individual e-mail soon after I received them. Hopefully you get some entries this week.

    Jason- Because it shared info that I felt was worthy of writing about.

    Christian- Are you sure that you registered for the promo? Hopefully you get some entries this week.

    Jonathan- I wish that I knew! The entries said a second e-mail would be sent about how to claim the prize. Some have mentioned points should post automatically so I guess we’ll see soon enough.

  4. Also, in my first batch of emails, on a few, i hit back and re opened the elevator, then a few of the play emails linked to “love your enthusiasm” so I think the links are counter based.

  5. When are points supposed to post. The emails never make me sign into IHG, so getting anxious that maybe some entries have the account number wrong or something.

  6. Oh well. It looks like the entries and emails are in synch. When I saw people getting the mixed bag (like 21 out of 80) it got me wondering. I would have tried, but I haven’t seen any emails yet, but I didn’t drop anything in the mail until after Thanksgiving (the first 40).

    It may still be that if you get 21 emails that you could use one email link 21 times, but that doesn’t really gain you anything. Had you played all 21 BEFORE trying a link the second time?

    Thanks for trying. Hopefully I’ll see some emails Friday.

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