AA Loses Boston Marathon Bombing Victim’s Prosthetic Leg (& Finds It)

Boston Marathon bombing
image: Twitter

It’s been a crazy past couple of days filled with lots of flight delays and flight cancellations. Luckily our one checked bag was spotted by Lucas after our flights were cancelled on Thursday night. You see, our bag was so wet that Kim and I didn’t even recognize it.. But Lucas did!

I came across a story from the Boston Globe about a Boston Marathon bombing survivor having her luggage lost by American Airlines. Inside the luggage were some pricey and very important items. 

Adrianne Haslet- Davis’s luggage was lost and she can no longer dance until it is found.

Her luggage “contained $250,000 worth of prosthetic leg and dance parts“, according to the Boston Globe.

Haslet-Davis, a professional dancer lost the lower half of her left leg in the horrific marathon bombings in April 2013. Less than one year later, “she was able to dance publicly again in a TED Conference in Vancouver, BC“. She wore a prosthetic leg made at a MIT Media Lab.

On Thursday, November 19, Haslett-Davis tweeted American Airlines about her luggage being lost. She also wrote that it had been days and that she couldn’t dance. An AA rep asked for her to direct message her bag file reference number.

The last information in the article stated an apology from AA and that the airline was working with the customer to get it back.

I went to the Twitter account of Adriane Haslet-Davis (@AdrianneHD) and saw a positive update to the situation.

Great News! @AmericanAir had its best people on it and found it! A little jealous it got to travel somewhere pretty. Also, I’m working on something huge after a great brainstorming sesh w @AmericanAir. Thank you for listening & seeing a great need for amputees! Xo

It’s great to see that the airline was proactive to help Haslet-Davis out so she could get back to dancing! I’d also like to hear about what is being worked on between the dancer and the airline.

There was one other message on Twitter. After receiving lots of support online, Haslet-Davis tweeted “I’m happy with how @AmericanAir worked to find my bag in the end. Let’s not cyber bully them, there are bigger issues in the world!”

Find out more from The Boston Globe here.

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