Delta Carrying Mets to World Series? I thought Daniel Murphy Did!

Delta Airlines

It’s been tough being a New York Mets fan over the years but 2015 has been a really great season. With the World Series starting on Tuesday night, it will be the Mets first time back in 15 years.

I’ve been watching more baseball than usual due to the playoffs. Since the WS doesn’t start until next week, Lucas can have the TV back until the series begins!

If you’ve been following the playoffs, you may have thought that Daniel Murphy’s record six straight playoff games with a home runs streak led them to their upcoming World Series appearance. But you’d be wrong….

I came across an article from Delta News Hub about how “Delta carries Mets to World Series- Literally“.

Delta Airlines is the official airline of the Mets so they fly the team to road games throughout the season. I didn’t know that the airline has also been cheering the Mets on. Delta started the fun “by unveiling a Mets branded Boeing 757” back on October 6 to celebrate the team’s return to the playoffs.

Delta Airlines

The plane looks pretty cool and I’d love to see it in person. The only thing that I feel is missing is the Mets NYC skyline logo and Mr. Met!

Along with the cool Mets plane, Delta has also been showing their Mets love “with balloons, co-branded pop-up banners and table tents at the airports, while passengers on select flights have been treated to co-branded luggage tags and rally towels“.

I think it’s really neat that Delta is celebrating the Mets success. Being a huge Mets fan, I just wish that I could get my hands on some of the Delta- Mets goodies being given away! 🙂

Find out more about Delta carrying the Mets to the World Series here.

(images in post from Delta News Room.)

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