IHG’s EVEN Hotels Adding 3 NYC Locations!

EVEN Hotels
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Last year, Kim, Lucas and I spent a night at the EVEN Hotels location in Norwalk, CT. (Check out my review of the property here.)

The reason for our stay was to earn a pretty lucrative bonus from the Into the Nights promotion. It turned out that our stay at the  EVEN Hotel Norwalk didn’t only help to earn us two free nights and a bunch of bonus points, it would also be one of our most fun and memorable hotel stays.

We loved the style of the room, comfort of the bed, had fun trying out the in-room workout equipment as well as playing board games in the lobby bar area.

With only two EVEN Hotels locations, I hoped to hear that IHG would be expanding the brand at some point.

Since our stay, I haven’t thought much about the hotel besides considering another stay when the EVEN Hotel Norwalk was offered as part of IHG’s Points Break.

I was recently looking over the IHG website and decided to click the link for EVEN Hotels.

I was happily surprised by what I saw.

The page mentioned “Well-coming Wellness In New York City“.

While I’m not particularly interested in NYC hotel options, this was good news. Apparently an EVEN Hotel location will be opening in Manhattan’s Times Square. With this news, it appears that IHG is expanding a hotel brand that we really enjoyed!

The EVEN Hotel Times Square South is opening in late fall 2015 so that means it should be opening very soon! The property is located at 321 West 35th Street and will have 150 guestrooms.

When I tried to make a booking (in the name of research), I received a message that no rooms are available until December 3. So it’s safe to say that December 3 is the hotel’s opening date.

I found the EVEN Hotel Norwalk to be reasonably priced at $142.60 including tax & breakfast. The same can not be said of the EVEN NYC location. When I priced opening night, I got a price of $426.65 for one night. That comes to $493.08 with tax. Ouch…

The EVEN Hotel Times Square might be a good option to check out if I need to burn an IHG Anniversary Free Night again but can’t see any other way that I’d ever checkout this hotel.

After reading about the new EVEN property in Times Square, I clicked the Explore EVEN Hotels tab. This brought a drop-down menu which included four locations.

The fourth EVEN Hotel will  also be opening in NYC but it will be located in my home borough of Brooklyn!

The EVEN Hotel Brooklyn will feature 202 guest rooms and be located at 46 Nevins St. The website lists an opening date of late 2015 but when I tried to find out more information online, there wasn’t even an option to book a room in the future. I’d assume that this means no actual date has been set for when the property will open.

Considering that I live in Brooklyn, NY there isn’t a good chance that I’ll be staying at either of these new EVEN Hotels locations. However, I really am glad to see that IHG is expanding the brand and hope to see more locations open around the country in the future.

Just before finishing up the post, I was digging around the IHG site some more. (Or maybe I didn’t look in the right places originally!) I then came across yet another EVEN Hotel opening in NYC.

An EVEN Hotel will also be opening on 44th Street in NYC on the east side of midtown. This property will have 230 guestrooms but not much other info was included. Considering this property didn’t show up on the EVEN Hotels drop-down, I wouldn’t expect this property to open until at least some point in 2016.

Have you ever stayed at any of IHG’s currently open EVEN Hotel locations? If so, what were your thoughts on the property?

Find out more about EVEN Hotels here.

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