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World Trade Center
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Back in early 2014 I posted about a Crazy Video: Base Jumping Off 1 World Trade Center.

Months after the jumps took place, the 4 men involved turned themselves in to the police. Since then, I can’t say that I’ve given much thought to the case.

I had no clue what kind of punishment would be handed down until I came across an article from Outside Magazine.

I just came across an article from Outside Magazine which mentions that the World Trade Center BASE Jumper was sentenced.

So what fine or sentence does one receive for sneaking up to the top of the WTC and jumping? Community service hours.

Andrew Rossig received 200 hours., James Brady received 250 hours and Marko  Markovich received the most,  300 hours. Markovich received the steepest penalty due to the judge “calling his courtroom apology convenient and insincere“. Outside mentions that he even sold t-shirts to raise money for his legal fees.

I’d expect the penalty handed down to be more than just community service hour. Maybe a hefty monetary fine of some sort? Either way, the video of the jump was pretty crazy to watch.

Find out more from Outside Magazine here.

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