Most Ridiculous Stadium Food Item Ever?

stadium food

Food at sports stadiums has vastly improved in recent years. People might even take in a game in some places more to try out the food, more so than watch the game.

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I’ve heard of gimmicky food items like doughnut burgers, crazy, humongous nachos and other things along those lines. I just found out about a food item that might just be the most ridiculous (stupid?) food offering ever at a sports stadium.

Travel + Leisure wrote about a $50 bagel available at MetLife Stadium, home of the NFL’s New York Jets & Giants.

I assumed at $50, this bagel had to include a fancy fish, maybe caviar? Then again, maybe gold pieces were added to the dough.

It turns out that this isn’t a fancy bagel sandwich, it’s a humongous one and a bit ridiculous and then some if I may say.

The MetLife bagel sandwich has over 2.5 pounds of meat, cheese, eggs and more. Is this a sandwich or a heart attack stuffed between a bagel.

stadium food

Here is the list of ingredients which come on the bagel:

  • Half pound of ham
  • 1-pound breakfast sausage patty
  • Four slices of American cheese
  • Potato hash
  • 1-pound spicy chorizo patty
  • Four fried eggs

If you and 3-4 friends are interested in trying this sandwich at MetLife stadium, it’s available at the Jets Experience inside. (I guess that it also isn’t available during Giants games.)

Images in post from T+L article, @darrenrovell on Twitter.

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