How To Book the Complimentary Etihad Luxury Coach

Etihad Coach

Towards the end of 2014 I had what I’d consider to be the best fight connection ever

While making our way to Jamaica, we stopped in Atlanta. While there, I booked a flight (which was an amazing deal) to Abu Dhabi for just $232.53 per person.

I then came across some very valuable information from Jaunted, for those of us flying Etihad to/ from Abu Dhabi.

Etihad offers Coach Class passengers a free shuttle to either Dubai or Al-Ain.

How do you book the free shuttle?

The first thing you’ll need to do is see if the coach service works for your schedule.

I had misread the terms and thought the service could be used within 24 hours of your upcoming flight. However, the Etihad coach can only be used on the same day you are arriving or departing Abu Dhabi International Airport.

If you’d like to take the coach the day your flight arrives in Abu Dhabi or the day you are flying, then the free service works for you. If you’d like to use it any other time, it will cost around $22 US.

The Etihad Coach goes to/ from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Dubai and Al- Ain.

Here is how you book the free Etihad Coach service online. (To pay to use the service, you’ll need to visit an Etihad office to pay for the ticket.) To book the coach online, you need to do so at least 24 hours prior to your flight.

Step 1– Head on over to

Step 2– Click the tab that says The Etihad Experience.

a screenshot of a websiteStep 3– A drop down screen will appear. Now click the tab that says Etihad Luxury Coach

a screenshot of a computerStep 4– Go about a third down the page and click the tab “Book Coach”.

a bus with text on itStep 5– A new browser will open where you enter your last name and booking reference.

Once you enter those details, the next page will ask you things like the number of guests, total number of bags and your e-mail. Then you’ll search for available coaches.

a screenshot of a computerStep 6– Since we were flying home at 10:20 AM, only three very early coach services were available. We ended up finding our own way back to Abu Dhabi from Dubai but here are the times that were available.

a screenshot of a phoneOnce you select a coach time that works for you, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation along with a booking reference number.

That’s all you need to do to book the Etihad coach! It’s just too bad that the service wasn’t available for us when we wanted to head back to the airport. Hopefully the service could be useful to some of you flying Etihad in the future.

If you’d rather book the service over the phone or at one of Etihad’s offices, you can find out the details for them here.

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  1. do you have any latest news about the bookings for luxury coach and timings going to abudhabi,,,,its been 5 years ago when you post about complimentary bookings, kindly update us.

  2. Hello…
    I’m trying to book bus from Dubai last 3 days is showing Error all the time
    If you can advise what to do

  3. Thanks for the info, it does seem very complicated for some one who is computer illiterate like myself. Is there a way to go to the airport or the travel mall and book and pay for this bus?Pppppp I will also need to pay since I will be spending an additional day in Dubai before we leave. Are credit cards acceptabl

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