Review the Government on Yelp

YelpThese days we can review just about anything online.

TripAdvisor is where most go for hotel reviews, Yelp is probably tops for dining out as well as bars. When I want to find out the review of a product, I’ll usually keep it simple and see what people are saying about the item on Amazon.

Kim sent me an article about a categoy you can review which will now be able to send responses.

Yelp would like you to review government agencies and “under a new agreement federal agencies can now claim their existing Yelp pages or launch new ones to respond officially to reviews” according to Time.

Although many agencies have been reviewed on the site before, they never had a way to respond. Yelp’s VP of Public Policy told Time that this can now allow government agencies to respond to “real-time feedback and act upon it”.

So can Yelp help make the governement more efficient by helping it to find out about issues? I guess we’ll find out.

Find out more from Time here.


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