Hotel Review: Omni Berkshire Place- NYC

Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

While many people love staying in New York City, Manhattan to be specific, I can’t say that I’ve ever had much of a need to do so.

Considering I live in Brooklyn which is around an hour to Manhattan on the train from where I live, why would there be a need to spend a night in NYC? (When I go into the city, I usually drive downtown and then hop on the train a few stops…)

In late 2014, we used an IHG Free Night on a stay at the Intercontinenal Times Square. This was totally unnecessary but a fun way to use an expiring night. We got to play tourist for part of the day,  and didn’t have to worry about hurrying home after dinner etc…

Earlier in June, we once again stayed in NYC, this time at the lux Omni Berskshire Place.

I had booked a one night stay back in September due to a pricing mistake (that I came across while flying to Vegas). At $61.73 for the night, I wondered if I wasted my money or if it was worth staying there. Since we made our stay into a touristy visit to Manhattan, we felt it was…

And what about the Omni Berkshire Place?

Here is a review of our room, a Berkshire Suite at this lux midtown hotel.

Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

I didn’t take any photos of the lobby so the first one I am including is of the hallway leading to our room. I immediately noticed that the style seeemd to be modern and pretty nice.  

Omni Berkshire Place HotelWhen I opened the door to our room there was a small area with a large mirror which led through another doorway into the living room.

Omni Berkshire Place Hotel
Door at top leads to bedroom & bathroom

The living room was an ok size but I can’t say that it felt big. This could be due to the amount of furniture present.

The room has a decent-sized flat screen television (my guess is that it is 32 in.) with a desk, chair and mini-fridge directly below. I usually enjoy using the desks to write some posts at but I stuck with the couch at the Omni!Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

The room has a love seat which could fit two adults, maybe squeeze a third in. There is also a chair close to the window. The chair ended up being a great place to leave my bag!

The couch was OK and I wouldn’t consider it the most comfortable one I’ve ever sat on although I would’ve expected better at such a nice hotel. However it does turn into  a sofa-bed which is great if you want to share the room or if you are traveling with kids.

Omni Berkshire Place Hotel Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

The bedroom features a very comfortable king sized bed. The blanket covering it reminded me of the carpets in the hallways. (I don’t mean that in a bad way…)

On the far corner of the bedroom is a decent-sized closet. Directly across from the closet is a window which you can not see in any of my photos. I should’ve included a photo of the view. It wasn’t pretty- we’re talking the roof of a building with ugly pipes and things of that sort.
Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

While relaxing in bed, there is another flat screen TV for your enjoyment. I believe that it is the same size and model as the one in the living room. As you see in the photo above, there is also a chair in the corner if needed.
Omni Berkshire Place Hotel
The bathroom is long and narrow and definitely has a dated and old feel to it. If there was one thing in the room that needed updating, this was it. I can’t even say that it feels like it even fits in with the rest of the Berkshire Suite.

The “Luxurious Italian marble and granite bathroom” is a not so flattering pinkish color. One thing I did like about the bathroom is the shelf which is mounted to the mirror. It was nice being able to keep the toiletries away from the sink itself.Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

The biggest disappointment in the bathroom however was the shower head. This also felt old and in need of an upgrade. How about a removable shower head for example. Besides the shower head seeming old, the water pressure was fine and the temperature was easy to adjust.

I’m not sure what brand the bath products were.

They have the Omni Hotels and Resorts logo on them so my guess is that the products are made especially for them. There were a variety of flavors (so to speak) with the bath soap & body lotion being ginseng and the shampoo being chamomile…

If you forget any toiletries call down and ask if they have it. We forgot toothpaste and they immediately sent up a small tube along with a toothbrush. Thank you Omni!

The hotel breakfast prices looked a bit outrageous. I’d recommend the deli across the street from the front door. The food was solid, nothing amazing but well worth the price especially for Manhattan.

Overall our stay at the Omni Berkshire Place was enjoyable and worth the $61.73 that I paid. The night we stayed, rooms were going for $368.10 which if you ask me is beyond ridiculous!

Now I’m not saying the Omni is a $60 hotel, it’s not. Manhattan hotel are pricey but close to $400 for one night at this hotel just doesn’t seem right.

Find out more about the Omni Berkshire Place here.

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