Target Only Allowing One Debit Swipe Per Day for REDcard?

Target Prepaid REDcard

It’s been close to a month since I last visited Target to load my REDcard with a debit card.

When it comes to debit cards, I’ve been using $200 Visa gift cards purchased at Staples with a Chase Ink card to earn 5X points each time.

I recently received a highly profitable offer from Amex Offers. When spending $250 or more at select stores I could get a $75 statement credit up to 5 times.

The store I was most interested in was Staples.

I headed over to Staples on June 23 and purchased a couple of $200 Visa gift cards. This triggered the $75 statement credit. I even got an e-mail within moments of making the purchase. I also received a rebate form for a $20 prepaid gift card for spending $300 or more on Visa gift cards….

I now had two $200 Visa cards that needed to be added to my REDcard along with one other from a previous purchase.

In late May I wondered if Target had a hard time splitting debit loads to REDcard. It seemed like during my visits the cashiers didn’t know how to split the load and had to just add the cards one by one.

Comments from a couple of reaeders gave me ideas on how to deal with REDcard load issues…

I headed over to Target in Brooklyn, NY yesterday.

After waiting patiently for my turn, I asked to load $600 to my REDcard. I then mentioned that I’d like to split the payments and heard some awful news.

The rep told me that only one debit card at a time could be used to load REDcard!

Should I have followed a reader’s advice to not mention how many cards I had planned to use? Tough call.

Now I’m guessing that this rule is specific to the location I visited (Atlantic Terminal) but could other stores be (not so) far behind in placing a one debit card per visit rules on REDcard loads?

10 thoughts on “Target Only Allowing One Debit Swipe Per Day for REDcard?

  1. The title is a bit misleading here. I wouldn’t define trying to do split transactions as “One Debit Swipe Per Day for REDcard”

    To me that title means you can only load your REDcard once a day using a debit. Which is obviously not the case.

  2. Gene- I usually would but they wouldn’t allow it.

    Mordechai- I don’t make special trips to Atlantic Terminal but if I’m over there I’ll load the card…

    Nick- Nice plan! If a different rep was at the register I would’ve tried again.

    Josh- Thanks for the update. I’m assuming it’s store specific. I need to go to another Brooklyn location to try.

    KP- Where at?

    Tom- It does take a lot of swipes but it’s never been an issue before.

    Jeff- I’m jealous! Loading the cards in NYC seems to alwasy be more difficult!

  3. You should know: the Target’s in Brooklyn are always first to make up their rules, as it is one of the busiest target’s in the country (probable epicenter of the data breach a few years ago). They are always afraid of fraud. I would skip atlantic terminal all together.

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