My First $75 off $250 Amex Offers Confirmation!

Amex Offers

A couple of days back I wrote about double-checking my Amex Offers, and finding out that I was targeted to get up to $375 in free money on my SPG Business card.

For those of us that got this offer, here is how it works. If you add the Stock Up and Save for Your Business offer to your card and spend $250 or more (at stores like Home Depot, Staples, Jetro or a couple of others) you get a $75 statement credit up to 5X.

This means that if you max out the offer, it’s like getting $375 in free money!

Prior to posting about my Amex Offer I went over to Staples and purchased a couple of $200 Visa gift cards, paying with my Amex SPG Business card.

This transaction got me a couple of sweet offers.

  1. I pretty much instantly received an e-mail from Amex thanking me for using my Amex Offer & to look out for the $75 statement credit.
  2. By spending $300 or more on Visa Gift Cards I got a Visa $20 prepaid gift card rebate form that I need to register.

My gift card shopping at Staples ended up being an even more profitable visit than I had expected. By purchasing the gift cards, I made $81.10!

Here is the breakdown:

With each gift card having a $6.95 fee, I spent $413.90 on two $200 gift cards. I’ll load the gift card balances to my REDcard during my next visit to Target.

  • Cost of loading gift cards: -$13.90

I’m getting back:

  • $20- prepaid gift card= $6.10 profit
  • $75 Amex statement credit= all profit
  • SPG Starpoints for paying with my card

Not bad at all for a quick visit to Staples and some luck for getting the $75 off $250 Amex Offer in my account.

I still have four more $75 credits to use by August 14, 2015.

I’m leaning towards buying another $400 in Visa gift cards before 6/27 to get another $20 prepaid card rebate. I could register it to Kim’s account but I will have to use another address (probably her work) since the Staples rebate offer is one per household.

2 thoughts on “My First $75 off $250 Amex Offers Confirmation!

  1. Doesn’t sound like the most efficient way to utilize this offer. Why not buy a $200 VGC and another $50 GC for somewhere like Amazon? After all, doesn’t everyone shop at Amazon?! Plus you can load Amazon cards directly to your gift card balance, so you don’t have to keep track of the cards.

  2. Gene- I didn’t do what you mentioned (and what I originally planned to do) since I got a $20 prepaid gift card offer after buying $300 in Visa GCs. If I did what you suggested I woudn’t have earned this.

    It might pay to read all of the details in the post before criticizing next time. 🙂

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