A Deli-cious Burger at The General Muir

The General Muir

At the end of April I headed to Atlanta to attend the Freddie Awards which took place at the amazing Delta Flight Museum. During my visit I also took part in a couple of other frequent flyer events including the Delta Jet Drag.

Prior to heading to Atlanta I had come across a restaurant that I had to check out. Thanks to an article from Eater I found out about 21 Must Eat & Best Burgers in America. Considering burgers are one of my favorite foods, I had to get to a place in Atlanta which made the list.

While at Newark Airport (on the way to Atlanta) I got to try out another burger that I’ve been wanting to try for some time- Custom Burgers.

The General Muir
Bar Area

During Kim, Lucas and my trip to Atlanta the year before, we had amazing burgers at Holeman & Finch. It was so tasty and memorable that I was surprised that it didn’t make Eater’s list however another restaurant did, The General Muir.

The General Muir is is a modern American restaurant inspired by classic New York Jewish deli, returning it to its hand-crafted roots” according to the restaurants website.

The restaurant looks the part- it has checkered floors and a deli counter at the back of the shop giving it that old-time feel but with modern touches. While the deli offerings sound great, I was most interested in one item simply called “The Burger“.
The General Muir

I decided to make this into a small group burger tasting. Joining me was my brother who came along to Atlanta to attend the Freddies. I also invited Brian of BoardingArea blog The Gate and my friend Mike who lives in Atlanta. (Check out Brian’s review here.)

The General Muir’s burger sounded very tasty and quite a bit different from many of the other burgers I’ve had and we’re talking a lot of burgers!

It comes topped with gruyere, caramelized onions, crispy pastrami, russian and pickles. (I ordered my burger sans pickles.) Fries are also included on the side and it costs a reasonable $14.

The unique topping on this burger that I was really looking forward to trying was the crispy pastrami. I guess this was The General Muir’s bacon substitute! (It also happens to be my favorite kind of deli meat.)

I had tried a pastrami burger one or two times before at a kosher restaurant in NYC and remember enjoying it. However, this was probably over a dozen years back and before I was so into burgers. Due to this, I can’t really make a real comparison.

The four of us were hungry and looking forward to the arrival of our burgers and if you ask me, it did not disappoint!

The General Muir
The Burger (Sorry, not the best photo)

Once it arrived, I couldn’t wait to dig in. The burgers smelled great and I loved seeing the big slice of pastrami hanging out of the bun.

The General Muir

Soon after taking a few photos, I dug in.

It was something like love at first bite. This might just be one of the juiciest burgers that I’ve ever eaten. I had to be careful at times as the juices dripped out of the burger and would start to make its way down my hand towards my wrist!

The burger tasted great and I’d say it mostly had to do with the meats- the burger and pastrami. The juicy & flavorful burger was complemented nicely by the delicious pastrami. I wouldn’t describe it as crispy but it was a great pairing for this burger!

The gruyere cheese in my opinion didn’t really add much to the burger and I would’ve preferred American cheese if I had a choice. The russian dressing was also a bit bland. However, I didn’t mind in the least. The burgers came with a small dish of my favorite brand of ketchup- Sir Kensington’s. The ketchup added a lot to the burger and made it feel like a real classic. It just happened to have pastrami on top!

The General MuirOverall, everyone was impressed with and enjoyed the burger at The General Muir. I’d feel safe calling it a deli-cious burger! (Get it???)

I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if you happen to find yourself in Atlanta.

Find out more about the General Muir on their website here.

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