Limited Time: $20 Off When Paying With OpenTable App

OpenTable AppOver the past couple of months OpenTable offered a very solid $20 off to entice people to try paying their dining bills through their app. I wrote about it here and here.

I tried out the pay through the app bonus offer the first time it was offered. However, I had lots of issues and couldn’t view or pay my bill from the app. Find out more here.

Well now the Pay With OpenTable $20 off dining offer is back for a limited time.

Although the app was a fail for me, I did end up getting my meal for free so it kind of worked out in the end…

Once again you can get $20 off when you book a table and pay through the OpenTable app.

This new offer is only good for dines until Jun 8, 2015 so there isn’t much time to use it. If you’d like to try paying through OpenTable and would also like to save $20 you’ll need to act fast!

Just a reminder- restaurants which accept the Pay With OpenTable option are pretty limited although there are some good ones in NYC.

Here is how the deal works:

  • Enter promo code bizdev in the payment settings section of the OpenTable app
  • Make a reservation & dine by 11:59 pm PT on June 8, 2015.
  • $20 credit is only available at select restaurants on the OpenTable network and is only valid for a dine-in meal paid for via Pay with OpenTable.
  • One credit can be redeemed per person.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older & a U.S. resident

Will I try to take advantage of this $20 off dining offer? I’m thinking about using it at a restaurant in NYC on Sunday morning but am not so sure it’s worth trying due to the potential headaches it might cause…

Find out more about Pay with OpenTable here.

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