Target REDcard Experience: Atlanta

Target Prepaid REDcard Limiting Load By Credit Card To $1,000 Per Day? 1

I’ve been in Atlanta for the past couple of days. The main purpose of my visit was to attend the Freddie Awards which took place last night. Today many BoardingArea bloggers (myself included)  had the opportunity to pull a Delta jet for good cause!

Besides attending some events related to the Freddies I also had a bit of free time. I visited a couple of museums and also made it a point to get over to Target to finish loading my REDcard for the month of April.

So how did my experience go? Was it a success or major hassle similar to how it is at home in NYC?

At home, loading Target REDcard used to be a piece of cake. I could load $2,500 per visit, per day so my card could be loaded for the month in only two stops. Then Target started limiting loads to $1,000 per day close to home.

This month I decided to only load $3,000 for the month at home. This would allow me to try to load more than the daily limit of $1,000 allowed at home…

When I arrived at the Target in Atlanta Edgewood there was no line at customer service so I headed over to try to do a load.

I asked if I could load my REDcard and the rep was happy to help me out. I loaded $1,000 pretty fast and then asked if I could put some more money on the card.

The rep said sure, no problem and I went on to load another $1,000 to my REDcard!

I’d call my visit to Target in Atlanta a huge success. I was able to load $2,000 to my card in under 5 minutes…. Not bad at all!

Since we’re now in a new month, I’m planning to stop by Target again, later today. This time I’ll try to load the full daily amount of $2,500. Based on yesterday’s experience, I can’t see this being any issue…

We’ll be flying home from Atlanta on Saturday afternoon. I’m hoping that I could stop by Target yet again to finish off loading my card for the month of May.

If all goes according to plan I won’t have to worry about loading REDcard again until June.

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5 thoughts on “Target REDcard Experience: Atlanta

  1. I live in Atlanta. I can load 2 Redbirds with $2500 each, 4 AFT with 1K each in one SpuerTarget from 2 cashiers and customer service.

  2. Danny- At home (Brooklyn, NY) I have to load the cards at customer service. In ATL we went to 3 stores- 2 were done at customer service, 1 at a register which took a few minutes since she had no clue about the card.

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