Poop From Airplane Falls From Sky, Ruins Girl’s Sweet 16

Sweet 16

When I came across this story I didn’t know if I should laugh or just be grossed out….

A girl was celebrating her Sweet 16 in Levittown, Pennsylvania with around 40 friends last Sunday when it came under attack by poop falling from the sky.

No, I’m not making this up…

Fox 29 (MyFoxPhilly) said what happened left “party-goers disgusted“.

Luckily for Jacinda, whose party was ruined, they had just gotten done with having the cake when it started raining poop.

Sweet 16

So what does the story have to do with travel? Not a whole lot besides the fact that it’s believed that the poop came from a plane flying above. Gross!

The article from FO 29 mentions “it was brown, it was everywhere, it got on everything”. Jacinda’s stepdad Joe immediately grabbed a hose to try to wash things off.

Joe’s sister pulled out her smart phone and used an app to find out that five planes were flying above them when poop started coming down. (I wonder if she used Siri to find out which flights were above?)

The FAA requires planes to dispose of waste at an airport and the family filed a complaint which will be investigated.

Talk about a messy situation…

Find out more from Fox 29- My Fox Philly here.

(Images in post are screen captures from My Fox Philly.)

2 thoughts on “Poop From Airplane Falls From Sky, Ruins Girl’s Sweet 16

  1. Didn’t Billy Joel (in Leningrad) once sing about people worried about bad things raining down in Levittown?

    “…But children lived in Levittown
    And hid in the shelters underground…”

    Seems the poor folks of Levittown thought the worst thing that could ever drop on them was a Cuban missile. Boy were they wrong!

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