Police Taser Man at LAX, Mini-Me Verne Troyer Films Incident

Mini-Me Verne Troyer
image: IMDb

A man got past security at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and wouldn’t comply with officers to stop so they eventually had to use a taser on him.

This must’ve been a scary incident for passengers, especially those with young kids to see.

It seems like everything gets caught on film these days so it’s no surprise that the incident was too…

From what I read, there are videos of the incident from many passengers but one celebrity was also able to do some filming.

The actor made famous from the Austin Powers film for playing Mini-Me Verne Troyer captured a video of the man not complying with airport security. Part of his filming captured the man throwing up his arms to get away from the officers and then heading up a short flight of stairs.

Since Troyer gets around in an electric wheelchair, he couldn’t keep following and didn’t get to capture the actual tasing on film but others did.

Check out Verne Troyer’s video:

Find out more about the incident including a video of the man getting tased in a news report from NBC LA here.

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